The Summer Retreat

June 28 - July 1, 2022
At Swiss Escape 

The Summer Retreat

Three days of meaningful connections & FUN!

We are so excited to invite you to join us for our first ever joint retreat by Digital Nomad Switzerland & Swiss Escape from June 28 to July 1, 2022

We are going to spend three incredible days together. We will meet other business owners & freelancers, build wonderful relationships, have meaningful conversations, and most importantly deepen our knowledge while having fun! Expect all sorts of talks from how best to run a business remotely, the power of a community and learning from coliving experiences, to tips & best practices to grow your heartfelt projects.

Who is it for?

Whether you define yourself as an entrepreneur or self-employed, you are welcome to join! 


This retreat is a place where we explore together our current challenges as a business owner. Whether you are working your ass off but not seeing results or have established a successful business that doesn't align with your vision anymore, you are in the right place. 


We teach burnout entrepreneurs how to create systems so that they can take time off without feeling guilty. And we help bored out entrepreneurs to reconnect with their mission & create a job they love so that they wake up excited to get to work.


Any change or transformation we experience in our business is a challenge - but less so when we’re surrounded by a community of like-minded people.

Where we stay

Swiss Escape is a successful coliving and coworking space in the lovely village of Grimentz in Valais. Over the years, it has hosted hundreds of entrepreneurs, freelancers & remote workers from all over the world who are looking for a community and beautiful location. It is the perfect place to hold this intimate event: secluded in nature and yet easy to get to. Digital Nomad Switzerland has been an inspiration for the Swiss Escape team for a long time and we think that together we are a great team to inspire you.


You’ll have the option of staying in a double room, single room or a shared room depending on our availability and your budget. A shared room consists of two single beds.

Living and coworking area
Living and coworking area

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Coworking area
Coworking area

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Living and coworking area
Living and coworking area

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What will you get?

During our time together, we will get to:​​

  • Get clear on what your ideas & goals are (even if you don’t know what they are yet!)

  • Identify what is holding you back from achieving your goals through the exercises and tools we will teach you

  • Learn how to manage your thoughts, your emotions and your time so that you can make progress without feeling overwhelmed

  • Create your own action plan and confidently take your first steps

You will get direct access to a network of experts active in the fields of business coaching, community-building and remote working.

Most importantly, you will experience first hand the power of coliving that brings people together under one roof. We know that the best conversations and ideas almost always happen around the dinner table or during breaks. 


A one-of-kind meetup of Business owners & Digital Nomads

What to expect

We want to create an inspiring and relaxing week for everyone. We won't have intensive days where you are expected to work day-and-night and be exhausted by the end of it. Instead, it will be a time where you can truly connect with others, have meaningful one-on-one conversations and connections, and get inspired by the group.

We will have dedicated sessions led by experts, and outside of these you will be able to decide how you spend your time, just like in a coliving. You are welcome to spend time on your own work, walking in the forest, networking with others, or masterminding about your current business challenges. Anything you want!


Build deeper connections with business owners, freelancers and industry partners. We limit the group to 8 participants.

Work Session

Morning and afternoon sessions on growing your business & using the community to do so.


Three nights accommodation in double, private or shared room at Swiss Escape coliving and coworking.


We will bring you on a walking tour around the charming village of Grimentz and a hike to the Moiry dam.


Build a network of

business partners

The Agenda

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Arrival at Swiss Escape
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Welcome & Business Speed Dating by Lorenz
7:00 pm: Group dinner at restaurant
9:00 pm: Free time
8:00 am – 10:30 am: Breakfast
11:00 am: Morning session on Growing a Business by Fanny
1:00 pm: Lunch break & picnic outdoors (*weather dependent)
3:00 pm: Mastermind & Skill sharing
7:00 pm: Group dinner at restaurant
9:00 pm: Free time
8:30 am - 10:30 am: Breakfast 
11:00 am: Networking & excursion to Moiry dam (*weather dependent)
4:00 pm: Afternoon session on the Power of Community by Morgane
7:00 pm: Group dinner at restaurant
9:00 pm: Free time

8:30 am - 10:00 am: Breakfast and Check out

* The program may slightly vary

The Facilitators


Hi, I'm Fanny!

I'm the cofounder of Swiss Escape & a business coach. I help entrepreneurs start and grow their business. 

When I’m not in the mountains walking in the woods and thinking about my next big idea, I am travelling to nomad hotspots, meeting entrepreneurs and being inspired by the new place. 


At work, I love collaborating on all topics related to entrepreneurship, digital nomadism, self-development and businesses that make a positive impact for the planet and the people.


I’m a big believer of the power of transformation through a combination of mindset work and business strategies. There is nothing that lights me up more than transforming fears, worries and doubts into successes. I believe each one of us has the potential to create amazing businesses and lifestyles if we set our mind to it. In fact, I’ve witnessed the creation of many projects and business collaborations in my coliving spaces, and through my coaching sessions. 

Hi, I'm Lorenz!

I'm a remote work consultant and support companies in remote work transformation with a focus on digital collaboration.

I'm founder of the platforms and networks Digital Nomads Switzerland, Remote Work Jobs Switzerland and Coliving Switzerland.

Since 2016 I'm president of the association Digital Nomads Switzerland.

With my agency for digital work BERGSPITZ media I help teams and individuals becoming more successful. Beside I work as a lecturer in digital collaboration and remote leadership at various schools.

I love to play guitar and spend a lot of time with my family and friends on road trips along beautiful coastlines.


Hi, I'm Morgane!

I'm the creative mind behind Life on 5th and a copywriter, content creator, event-operations-communications manager, and so much more than those titles. I live to write stories, (be) inspire(d), bring people together and create meaningful moments.


Back in 2017 I moved into a coliving House in he heart of Stockholm. I thought it would be for 3 months, I ended up staying 3 years.

This experienced impacted all aspects of my life and I now work within the coliving industry.

I also host the podcast "The Humans Inside the Pods", discussing with residents about their experience living in communities.

I recently published a book called Have Your Cake and Share It Too, talking about my experience of community living and all the questions, challenges and learnings it brought with respect to the Society I was brought up in and the world I wish to live in.

June 28-July 1, 2022

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