Our brand identity

Mountains in Switzerland

Everyone can build a brand, giving it an identity is a whole different ball game. When we decided to build Swiss Escape, we wanted to carefully curate a brand that reflects our beliefs. Read “Why we went from The 8 Es to Swiss Escape” to understand why we decided to change in the first place.

How to build brand identity

The name

Wherever you read “Swiss” or “made in Switzerland”, you know you are buying a premium quality product. We didn’t want to compromise on that when we redesigned our space to fit in high quality items; from office chairs, to printer, to TV and even the pillow you would rest your head on. All the items you would see in the coliving space are bought from local stores. Rest assured, your bed won’t collapse. Switzerland also has a personal meaning to us; since this was the place the cofounders met, this is where we launched our first project and this is where we truly feel we have the local knowledge to provide the best experience to our guests.

The coliving space is located at an altitude of 1500m in a village where everything is within walking distance. It provides calm and peacefulness unlike any place else and we believe that focus and productivity go hand in hand when you are in a place of serenity. This does not come from us, but also the guests who have stayed with us in the past few months. This is why we choose “Escape”. Escaping the cities hustle bustle, escaping the daily routine and escaping to rediscover yourself. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning, walk to the balcony and “sigh” with the admiration of the Alpine view.

The colors

We have such a rich landscape surrounding the coliving space that we took the inspiration from the nature. The white from the snow and the beige from the chalet which also gave us a more clear brand. Often people ask, why the black and white approach on the website — and we tell, it is to generate curiosity, and a longing to see what the landscape actually looks like.

The design

Our brilliant designers from N/A studio proposed us a minimalist design which gives us the sophisticated look that we desire. We went down to the very detail like selecting the font which represent us, in this case, the Swiss style. This gave our logo an edge, and if you look closely, the “w in the Swiss” has the subtle hint that this is a mountain experience.

All of this put together, we created a brand value that inspires people to work in a remote location and still be around people who share the same views and lifestyle.

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