Coronavirus Update

What do you need to consider when travelling to and staying in Switzerland? 

Updated on March 16, 2020


The World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet imposed any travel restrictions. It is advisable to check when travelling to events to see if they are still taking place, as major events have been banned and cantons and cities can also ban smaller events. No special measures are currently planned at a national level for schools, day-care centres, homes and other educational or care institutions. However, some local or cantonal authorities have taken precautions, limiting access.

All the ski resorts (including Grimentz) have been closed effective immediately until further notice.

Coworking and Coliving at Swiss Escape is still operational.

We are following the recommendations by HotellerieSuisse and have updated our refund and cancellations policies in this special circumstance.


A guest cannot come because he/she is in quarantine imposed by the authorities.

In this case, Swiss Escape's cancellation conditions apply. The guest is required to pay compensation, if applicable.


The guest cannot make the trip to the hotel because he/she is in a place quarantined by the authorities (exit not possible).

Since the guest cannot objectively make the trip, Swiss Escape cannot claim any cancellation fees.


A guest wants to leave earlier because of a fear, for example, of being infected.

Normal cancellation conditions apply.


The hotel or area is quarantined

It is then a case of force majeure. Swiss Escape is released from its obligation to provide and the client is released from his/her obligation to pay. In other words, Swiss Escape cannot charge a cancellation fee.

The guest fell ill and cannot undertake the journey

In the event of a disease (whether it is Coronavirus or another disease), the contractually agreed cancellation conditions apply. According to these conditions, the guest is always required to pay for his/her stay. If the guest has purchased travel insurance, they can cover the costs.


The guest does not wish to come because he is afraid of being contaminated

The normal cancellation conditions also apply in this case. In other words, the guest is required to pay compensation, if applicable.


As a hotel establishment, can I refuse a guest who comes for example from a country with a high contamination rate?

In the current situation, Swiss Escape must honor their contract and welcome the guest.


The guest cannot make the trip to Swiss Escape because he/she is in a place quarantined by the authorities (which the host cannot leave)

Since the guest cannot objectively make the trip, Swiss Escape cannot claim any cancellation fees. The deposits must therefore be refunded.


A guest falls ill at Swiss Escape

If Swiss Escape receives people suffering from an acute respiratory tract condition (cough, respiratory failure) and who have stayed in an affected area in the last 14 days, contact the Coronavirus hotline immediately (+41 58 463 00 00, every day 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.). The sick person must avoid contact with other people. She must therefore stay in her hotel room until the doctor arrives.

Authorities place the hotel in quarantine. Guests cannot leave the hotel. Who pays for the extended stay and meals?
In our view, the guest concerned is responsible for the costs of accommodation and meals. We recommend that you be as flexible as possible regarding costs.


Please refer to our normal cancellation policy when necessary. Any guest that has booked with us till 30th April 2020, will have the opportunity to rebook their stay for free. This rebooking will be valid till 30th April, 2021.

You can contact us directly at if your booking is affected by the above mentioned scenarios.



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