Coronavirus Policy

What do you need to consider when travelling to and staying in Switzerland? 

Updated on May 4th, 2022


Even though Switzerland has removed most of the restrictions regarding entering the country we advise you to always check the offical website before your arrival. 

In case of someone testing positive to covid at Swiss Escape

 People who have tested positive for infection with the new coronavirus must go into isolation.

If someone tests positive in the house we ask everyone in the house to take a test to confirm if they are positive as well or not. While they wait for the result everyone is advised to quarantine into their rooms and wipe surfaces after themselves when using shared spaces.

The person tested positive: 

  1. Must quarantine into their room.

  2. Minimize the amount of time spent in the shared spaces for essential activities and always wipe everything they touch with disinfectant including surfaces and utensils.

  3. We recommend that they get their own set of utensils/plates for the duration of their quarantine.

  4. If the person is sharing the room with a partner, they must quarantine together.

  5. If they are sharing the room with someone who has booked separately and if this person gets a negative test result the person testing positive will be quarantined in a separate room. In most cases it would be our zoom room. 


  • Anyone who tests negative immediately after the first positive case needs to self test again 2-3 days after their test results. The self-tests are available at the pharmacy nearby.

  • After 5 days of quarantine, if the person who first tested positive does not have symptoms anymore and shows a negative self test they can come out of quarantine. 

  • All test results must always be shown to the Community Manager. 


As a general rule if more than 2 people test positive in one chalet the whole house has to quarantine together (except if they are exempt). 


Contact with the other house
If there is one positive case in one of the houses we ask that the people from the house that has a positive result, to not go to the other house until that person recovers fully.

In case of a positive case in the house our cleaner will not come to the house during that week but will provide extra disinfectant and material at the door on cleaning day. The Community Manager will take care of essential cleaning and laundry for that week.

Quarantine and booking
If the period you have to quarantine for goes beyond the stay you have booked with us, you can extend your stay IF we have availability and you will be invoiced for the extra nights. We cannot guarantee that a spot will be available and you might have to organize alternative accommodation for the remainder of your quarantine.
By booking with us you agree to the above terms and conditions.

Self Antingen test are available to buy at the pharmacy or the pharmacy section of the supermarket. 

What happens if:

  • A guest cannot come because he/she is in quarantine imposed by the authorities.
    In this case, Swiss Escape's cancellation conditions apply. The guest is required to pay compensation, if applicable.


  • The guest cannot make the trip to the Swiss Escape because he/she is in a place quarantined by the authorities (exit not possible).
    Since the guest cannot objectively make the trip, Swiss Escape cannot claim any cancellation fees.


  • A guest wants to leave earlier because of a fear, for example, of being infected.
    Normal cancellation conditions apply.

  • The guest fell ill and cannot undertake the journey
    In the event of a disease (whether it is Coronavirus or another disease), the contractually agreed cancellation conditions apply. According to these conditions, the guest is always required to pay for his/her stay. If the guest has purchased travel insurance, they can cover the costs.


  • The guest does not wish to come because he is afraid of being contaminated
    The normal cancellation conditions also apply in this case. In other words, the guest is required to pay compensation, if applicable.


  • As Swiss Escape, can we refuse a guest who comes for example from a country with a high contamination rate?
    In the current situation, Swiss Escape must honor their contract and welcome the guest as long as entry requirements are met.


  • The guest cannot make the trip to Swiss Escape because he/she is in a place quarantined by the authorities (which the host cannot leave)
    In this case, the normal cancellation condition apply. The guest is required to pay for his/her stay. If the guest is covered by travel insurance, they can claim it from their insurance company.

  • Authorities places Swiss Escape in quarantine. Guests cannot leave the hotel. Who pays for the extended stay?
    In our view, the guest concerned is responsible for the costs of accommodation and meals. We recommend that you be as flexible as possible regarding costs.


Please refer to our normal cancellation policy when necessary.

You can contact us directly at if your booking is affected by the above mentioned scenarios.